1. Help, I can't sign in or I forgot my username/password

    If you have forgotten your login or password we can send a reminder to the email address you provided at the time of registration. Just enter your email at password reminder page and press "Remind me my password". You should receive your username and password to your mailbox in 5-10 minutes (usually less). Be sure to check your spam/junk folder if you have not received it.

    If you continue to have problems logging in, please submit a request at our contacts page so we can assist you with that.

  2. I have found a Upload.cd file download link on the web. How can I download the file from your service?

    To download files from Upload.cd, you must access the files using the unique URLs provided by the person who uploaded the files. After you access the file you need to click the button "Create download link". If you do not have premium account at Upload.cd, you'll need to wait while your download link is being generated and then enter captcha text. After that you will be provided with download link and can save a file to your computer. Premium account owners are provided with the download link immediately.

  3. Can I resume downloads?

    Yes, but only if you have a Premium Account at Upload.cd. Premium accounts support download accelerators which allow you to resume broken or incomplete downloads.

  4. How do I upgrade to a premium account?

    If you need more storage space at Upload.cd servers or you want to download more files at faster speed you can upgrade to a premium account at the upgrade page. All payments are 100% safe, secure and confidential.

  5. Is Upload.cd storage secure for hosting my confidential data?

    The files you upload to Upload.cd are not publicly accessible and can only be downloaded by you. Nobody can access your files on our highly secure servers without your permission.

  6. What is the advantage of a premium account on Upload.cd?

    It is much easier to download large volume of data with a premium account. For those who frequently download files from our service, the premium account is a must-have, as it provides the highest download speed and bandwidth, thus saving you a lot of time. Using your favorite file manager for multithreaded downloads and flexible process management is only available to premium account holders. What is also important, only premium owners can upload files via FTP.

  7. How can I delete my Upload.cd account?

    To delete your account you need to contact our support team. Please write in Subject "Account Deletion" and send your request to support@upload.cd. We will remove your account content once your identity is verified.

  8. How can I cancel my premium account renewal subscription?

    To cancel your premium account renewal subscription you also need to contact our support team. Please send your request to support@upload.cd with Subject "Cancel Subscription".